heidi j. busta design

Design Services (but not limited to):

  • Detailed floor plans, elevations & 3d color renderings
  • Room & furniture layouts
  • Large scale blue prints (24”x36”)
    • Truss layout, electrical, & plumbing/heating not included
  • Material selection
    • Paint colors
    • Lighting
    • Accessories/décor
    • Material finishes
      • Cabinet finish, flooring, countertops, hardware, etc.

Initial Design Consultation

  • Meeting will take place at lumber yard, your home, my home, or site of new home.
  • Information will be gained to begin work on the project.
  • Any information that you can bring is helpful (pictures, sketches, plans, etc.).

Follow up | Presentation of Design

  • Meeting will take place at lumber yard, your home, my home or through email.
  • Rough floor plan, elevations and 3D computer renderings will be shown to client.
  • Client can discuss concerns, implement design ideas and make changes to plan.
  • This process can take place as many times as needed.

Final Drawings

  • As soon as everything is finalized on the plan, client can request large scale prints.
  • Prints will include floor plan, foundation plan, elevations & roof plan.

Please e-mail hagemanh@uni.edu or call 563.380.2694 for pricing & appointments.

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