diy house projects

cd organizing

my car has been over taken by cd cases! yes i am still old school and buy cd’s. as you can tell most of them are not in the best shape! i have been wanting to organize them for sometime now. all my christmas cd’s […]

nail polish storage

here is my massive collection of nail polish. i have had this purple caboodle since i was a little girl. since it housed all (most) of my nail polish, the clasp broke years ago, making it impossible to carry with one hand. my mom used […]

fireplace remodel

when we bought the house is july of 2014 we were so excited to have a fireplace. it was located perfectly for us too. right in the living room that was open to the dining room and kitchen. the appearance of it was not my […]

i need this flooring!

one very nice thing about working at a lumbar yard is seeing all the latest products that come on the market. one of my flooring reps came in today with these beauties. my eyes lit up! i know what everyone is thinking….linoleum? well kind of. […]

i’m really doing this!

for my first blog post i thought i would explain what i’m doing here. i am a big diy-er and enjoy trying new things…and what a better way to document how i do them! my husband nick and i have been working on our pre-fab […]