week no. 7

week no. 6

once again she didn’t get weighed or measured this week. i may have to go try to find our scale (or buy one) that is packed away in God only knows which box! we brought here home in that outfit and it sure fits her […]

week no. 5

pajamas my little sweetie did not get weighed or measured this week so these stats are still from week 4

week no. 4

week no. 3

week no. 2


week no. 1

outfit blanket

week no. 0


bailey jane busta

The night of Thursday, September 1 I started having contractions. I would have about 5-10 constant ones and then I wouldn’t have any for an hour, this went on all throughout the night. Causing not much sleep for me! The next morning, Friday, September 2, […]