two girls and a camper

let me introduce you to the….


a couple months ago my friend kiane and i took on this old, very used camper. we are always looking for creative outlets and this was the perfect opportunity! her fiance and two of our other friends had bought this camper a few years back to take to overnight concerts and weekend trips. they had gutted the whole thing and built 4 beds out of plywood. it was actually very handy! now that everyone is married and having kids the nomad wasn’t going to be used often! so that’s when we had the idea to turn it into a traveling boutique!

we wanted to keep the name… nomad. it’s fitting and that’s what we all know it as already. our plan of attack included taking the beds out, caulking all the holes and cracks, priming, painting, flooring, and accessorizing! the outside just needed caulk, primer and paint!

we looked into ordering clothes online and jumped right into it!

here are pictures from our first show… the market at the white barns … near hawkeye, ia. it was a major success!

here is a little before and after for you…

we used a tinted primer…

i’ll be sharing updates along the way!

we have a few other shows lined up already. we also do private parties, so if your looking for a fun girls night, a bachelorette party or shower let us know!

you can also follow our journey on instagram {}

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