Month: May 2017

wedding dress photo shoot

a friend of mine photographed her daughter in her wedding dress the day of her baptism. i fell in love with the idea! i got my dress out the other day and captured some images of bailey jane in it…she’s also wearing her headband that […]

8 month must haves!

bailey jane is growing by the second, which means her interests and needs are changing too! here are some of her favorites at 8 months! book this book is so great. i don’t know if bailey or mom and dad like it more! it’s fun […]

bailey jane | 8 month

Weight: guessing around 17lbs

Length: 24″

Percentile: 25%

Diaper Size: 3

Clothes Size: 6-9 month mostly…but her pajamas are 9-12 month

Feeding: she loves carrots, apples, and pears! also loves gerber little puffs. not the biggest fan of the yogurt drops.

Sleeping: this girl has never had a problem sleeping. she goes to bed around 9-9:30 and will sleep for ten hours. during the day she’s up for an hour…then back down for an hour or so. then she’s up for 2 hours and then back down for and hour or two. later in the afternoon she’ll get a little fussy and want to lay back down. also she takes a cat nap before bed around 7:00.

Family adjustment: we are adjusting more in the new house every day. climbing stairs a number of times a day with an 8 month old in my arms worries me. i know i’m going to trip at some point, i just pray she’s not in my arms when i do so. also i thought running up and down the stairs for diaper changes would bother me, but it really doesn’t! we are adjusting very well.

Likes: SMILES! if she isn’t smiling something is up…either she’s tired or hungry. she likes to snuggle and loves reading books!

Dislikes: getting her face and nose wiped. also hates being laid down to get her diaper changed after she wakes up…i think she thinks i’m putting her back to sleep.

Milestones: she is now picking up her snacks and eating them by herself! she also is up on all fours rocking back and forth, no steps forward yet towards crawling!

bailey jane is going to be a uni panther just like mommy!

baileys new best friend, jacob.


i’m back!

wow, it’s been a long time! we have lots of new updates in our life!! one…we moved into our new home! we have been here one week and are LOVING every second of it. more to come on that! two…we have internet again so i […]