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The night of Thursday, September 1 I started having contractions. I would have about 5-10 constant ones and then I wouldn’t have any for an hour, this went on all throughout the night. Causing not much sleep for me! The next morning, Friday, September 2, they had seemed to stop. Then noon hit and they came on strong again, this time they were less than 5 minutes apart and getting stronger. When nick got home from work that afternoon we called the doctor and they asked us to come in and they would check me. Our doctor was not working but we saw another doctor. She checked me and I was dilated 1 1/2 cm, she pushed around on my stomach feeling the position of the baby. Nick and I swear she sent me into labor. When we left the hospital I started to not feel good and the contractions were getting much more intense and closer together. We got home and waited until about 10:00 and called in explaining to them what I was feeling. They told us to come in and they would check me again. When we got there they checked me again I was still at 1 1/2cm. I sat in their whirlpool tub which helped my contraction pain immensely. Two hours later they checked me again and I hadn’t progressed any. They decided to send us home. When we got home the pain had tripled. We sat up the whole night, I was rocking back and forth on our exercise ball (which helped with the pain a little) and nick rubbed my back. I was really feeling like a baby that I could not handle the pain. Nick called the hospital again and they told us to come back in. This was around 4:00 in the morning. We got there and I got back into the tub which helped a little. I asked for some pain medicine and they gave me a shot of morphine which didn’t seem to help at all. Finally around noon I was dilated enough and got my epidural. Let me tell you I was a brand new woman once I got that. Nick and I got a little nap in and around 6:00 I was starting to feel pain again. I got another dose which helped for a few more hours. Dr. Harmsen checked me again and I was at 8cm, she then went in and broke my water. When she did that she found out that the baby had went to the bathroom inside of me. She said that sometimes babies do that if they are stressed. She also said that I would have to be on antibiotics for a few hours before I deliver, and that the baby would have to be on antibiotics for 48 hours after he/she is born. Around 9:40 the pain was so bad again I could barely take it. Nick went and got the doctor and nurses and they told me it was time to start pushing! I couldn’t believe it was finally time for that. About 40 minutes later at 10:22 we had a little baby in our arms! They did not say if it was a boy or girl when she came out. We had to look for ourselves! We were so convinced it was a boy that we could hardly believe that she was a girl! They asked us what her name was going to be and we couldn’t answer. We still couldn’t believe it was a girl! We were so set on our boy’s name we didn’t focus as much on the girl’s name. A few minutes later we settled on Bailey Jane Busta. She was born on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 10:22 weighing 7lbs 14oz and was 20” long. The instant love you feel is so powerful and indescribable. She has already been so spoiled and snuggled so much!

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