Month: August 2016

37 weeks

Size? winter melon  | 18.9″-20.9″ | 6.2-9.2lbs How far along? 37 weeks Total weight gain: well…7lbs have been gained since my last appointment! making it a total of 9lbs! Maternity clothes? there is really only a few things that fit and are comfortable. dresses i […]

fall baby style

who else can say fall is their favorite season? safe to say it is mine! i love everything about it and now there there is a baby coming into the world in the fall i just had to take a peak of some of the […]

a week of instagrams

or a couple weeks this time!

my cousin mollie stopped the other day and gave us this adorable bib and burp cloth from studio26boutique. i am in love with the pattern and love that they are made local!
this adorable print comes from garvin&co… aka my favorite blogger ever. we hung it in the babe’s room and i smile every time i see it!
these little outfits are my favorite ever! the first one is from zulily and is what the baby will be wearing home from the hospital. the others came from my cousin’s wife at our baby shower. you can find them here, here and similar here.
my friend linley gave us this custom piece for our baby shower. seriously check her out, she’s incredible. the little dream catcher came from at home.
we celebrated josh and lydia last weekend! it was a perfect day and everything so was beautiful! it was our last wedding as a couple, next we’ll be a family! i got my clutch at the dress barn… i can’t find it online now but this one is similar and i debated on getting it instead of the one i ended up with.
nick called me the other day a few minutes before he usually gets home saying he was going to be working downtown on something quick if i wanted to come watch. i just love this picture. we are so happy to be living in st. lucas and both have our dream jobs!



36 weeks

Size? honeydew melon | 17.2″-18.7″ | 4.2-5.8lbs How far along? 36 weeks Total weight gain: 2lbs Maternity clothes? i have been living in dresses and my maternity athletic shorts from old navy. Stretch marks? no new ones lately.  Sleep: what a week. i had probably […]

35 weeks

Size? coconut | 17.2″-18.7″ | 4.2-5.8lbs How far along? 35 weeks Total weight gain: up a pound and a half. so two pounds total Maternity clothes? figured out my ‘rubbing’ problem. there was never a rash or anything on my skin so i asked my […]

34 weeks

34 weeks butternut squash

Size? butternut squash | 17.2″-18.7″ | 4.2-5.8lbs
How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain: 1/2lb

Maternity clothes? are starting to bother me…the high wasted belly band thing is starting to rub and be uncomfortable. i need to go a few days without wearing one.

Stretch marks? just a few, nothing new lately. 

Sleep: last night i slept all through the night! previous nights…not so much. up an average of 3 times i’d say.

Best moment this week: mom and i went shopping! we returned duplicates from the shower and bought a few things for the baby that i didn’t get at the shower. feels good to be more prepared! 

Miss Anything? i think i mentioned this last week but i miss being able to move around freely. getting up is such a chore. and catching my breath all the time isn’t fun either (not that i was in shape before! but a set of stairs didn’t make me want to sit down haha)

Movement: having less room in there day by day is making the kicks more powerful. can really see him/her moving in there too… so creepy!

Food cravings: donuts sound so good every morning. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: beef is back up there. just mentioning taco meat makes me sick. 

Gender: really thinking boy, which means it’s probably going to be a girl.

Labor Signs: none

Symptoms: none

Belly Button in or out? in but getting shallow! 

Wedding rings on or off? off, when we were shopping yesterday i was looking for a fake one to wear (i feel so naked/wrong not wearing mine!) and couldn’t find one under $50…seemed a little high to me, so no ring it is. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!

Looking forward to: meeting the newest member of st. lucas! yesterday friends of our had a little baby boy. cole edward! our babe and him will be classmates and hopefully life long friends!

33 weeks