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well we are in the middle of packing up our house. you really don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to put it all in boxes. and you don’t realize how much stuff you don’t use until you put it in boxes! but of course i’m not getting rid of anything…i might need it someday.

i’m here today to share a few tips that i have learned along the way. pinterest has been great!

this technique i have used before…moving from college and moving into our home now. boy does it help! i just packed up our spare bedroom closet and everything is packed so nicely. one thing i would recommend is to not buy cheap garbage bags.

How to pack clothes when your moving!! Such a good idea!:

one of the first things i did this time around was a labeling system. i saw this technique and thought what a great way to do it! i have a different washi tape for each room and then labeled what is in each box too. hopefully it helps when it comes to unpacking.

Moving Soon? Read This! - DIY Playbook:

this one i just found and it got me thinking what other items i could utilize to store things in.

Moving Tip... fill up your crock pot with spices plus 14 more useful tips.:

i packed up our kitchen on sunday and it took me all. day. i sure do have a lot of kitchen items! i really wanted to make sure everything was packed well. i used all of our dish towels, wash cloths, cloth napkins, etc. to pack things tightly. i then was lost of what to use to pack the other 1000000 items. it then clicked! i have bags of cut up tulle and rolls of tulle in my wedding rental stash. i haven’t used/rented any of it so why not cut it up and use it to wrap things. it worked so well!!

we also used tee shirts to pack larger items like picture frames. that worked really well too! all the nails/screws from our picture frames went into a ziploc bag. that way we can reuse them all again when it comes to decorating our new home. nick was so great…he went and filled most the nail holes and touched up the paint. our walls look brand new, and so empty!

my brother is buddies with the guy who runs the recycle center in his county. he hooked us up with pallets of boxes that were apparently printed wrong or the wrong size. they were brand new and the perfect size for us! we have already used about 60 of them and are getting more from him to finish the pack. thank you marcus!

it has been difficult deciding what we will pack for our ‘new home’ and what we will take with us to our ‘rental home’ for a short amount of time. packing made me realize how much stuff we have that we do not use. of course i’m not going to part with any of it. but it was a bit of a reality check!

so here is an update on our housing situation. we have been meeting with a guy who wants to buy our house…he technically cannot buy anything until his divorce is final (which he’s thinking will be about 2 months). he has to be out of the house he is in now by august 1st. we agreed to rent to him starting august 1st until his divorce is final and he can purchase our house. we have an agreement signed and he will be putting a large deposit down so if he backs out of buying it a couple months down the road we will have that deposit to make up for our loss.

in the mean time…the house we are going to buy in st. lucas is not ready for us (they are building and are just about to break ground) so we will be renting a good family friend’s mom’s house until then. they have been so great on getting it cleaned out this past weekend and now are painting and getting the carpets cleaned! so in two weeks we will be moving in there!

nick officially started his new job this past monday (he has been filling in where needed the past how many weeks, but now he’s officially in west union) and loving it! i will be done full time at probuild in two weeks and then come in two days a week after that until theĀ  baby is born to keep training the guy taking over for me.

we CANNOT wait to be residences of st. lucas and be settled before the babe arrives! everyone has been SO great and helpful we are so thankful! our dreams are coming true in such a short time it’s unreal.






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