the market at the white barns

the first ‘market at the white barns‘ went off so well! they had two beautiful days! my mom, my friend kiane and i helped all day friday collecting money at the front gate. there was an estimated 475–525 that came on the first day! we worked the gate again on saturday and it seemed like at least that many people came through if not more! here are some pictures of the vendor’s booths. of course i’m going to promote matted ink once again! linley had so many great things to buy and boy did she sell stuff! every time i came to check on her booth it was looking more and more empty!

market 1
matted ink booth
market 2
this booth was so cute, i actually ended up taking home that chalk board you see on the wall there.
market 3
the purple pincushion had SO many cute things. if i only knew what we were having (boy or girl) i would have bought so many things!
market 4
the front gate at the market!
market 5
some adorable soap from the squeaky windmill
market 6
matted ink
market 7
i wanted that bottom left print! but it went to a good home!
market 8
i bought the ‘be brave’ print with the teepees for the babe’s room
market 9
these barn board signs went like hot cakes!
market 10
still got my eye on that bakery sign
market 11
this farmhouse sign will forever be a favorite of mine

they have already set the date for the fall market. september 16-17 (a day after my due date!) i know i’ll try my hardest to somehow still be there!

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