Month: June 2016

29 weeks

Size? acorn squash | 15.2″-16.7″ | 2.5-3.8lbs How far along? 29 weeks Total weight gain: since i don’t weigh myself every week, we won’t know how much i’ve gained until our next appointment on july 12th. Maternity clothes? i ordered a maternity maxi dress from […]

28 weeks

28 weeks eggplant

Size? eggplant | 13.6″-14.8″ | 1.5-2.5lbs
How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain: still at 0

Maternity clothes? i have some old navy plain tees in ‘long’ and they are so comfortable and fit so well! also some maxi dresses that are ‘long’ as well…works like a charm.

Stretch marks? few here and there. 

Sleep: has been great, it is very uncomfortable to roll over though, i have to ‘pick up’ my belly and move it…

Best moment this week: my high school friend schauf came to visit with her husband and little boy! it was so good to see her! it also gave me and nick a glimpse of what our future is going to be like! it was also their anniversary (how sweet of them to come see us on their special day?!)

Miss Anything? i do miss ‘being like everyone else.’ you get this weird special treatment when you are pregnant and people are always asking how you are (which is very sweet of them!) i just want to go back to being ‘normal’ if that makes sense!

Movement: so much, many kicks right to the bladder. lots of big movements too that i can somewhat see, which is totally freaky but cool too!

Food cravings: mt dew, cheese, salty foods.

Anything making you queasy or sick: i’m getting sick of typing beef here every week but it continues to stay the same. tuesday night we had ‘million dollar spaghetti’ and i tired to pick around the ground beef that was in it. i burped it up all night…bad idea.

Gender: no idea, but did have some people at softball on tuesday night look at me and say ‘yup, it’s a boy’

Labor Signs: none

Symptoms: none, although i am getting worn out faster…so tiredness i guess could go here.

Belly Button in or out? in 

Wedding rings on or off? on 

Happy or Moody most of the time: been up and down, mostly happy

Looking forward to: st. lucas fun days this weekend. can’t wait for next year when we will be a part of the community and can help out with the festivities. it’s a great weekend where all our friends get together.

27 weeks




27 weeks

Size? rutabaga | 13.6″-14.8″ | 1.5-2.5lbs  How far along? 27 weeks Total weight gain: sitting right at the same weight i did when we came in for our first appointment Maternity clothes? loving them, did find some athletic shorts, those have been great. other then […]

the market at the white barns

the first ‘market at the white barns‘ went off so well! they had two beautiful days! my mom, my friend kiane and i helped all day friday collecting money at the front gate. there was an estimated 475–525 that came on the first day! we worked the gate again on saturday and it seemed like at least that many people came through if not more! here are some pictures of the vendor’s booths. of course i’m going to promote matted ink once again! linley had so many great things to buy and boy did she sell stuff! every time i came to check on her booth it was looking more and more empty!

market 1
matted ink booth
market 2
this booth was so cute, i actually ended up taking home that chalk board you see on the wall there.
market 3
the purple pincushion had SO many cute things. if i only knew what we were having (boy or girl) i would have bought so many things!
market 4
the front gate at the market!
market 5
some adorable soap from the squeaky windmill
market 6
matted ink
market 7
i wanted that bottom left print! but it went to a good home!
market 8
i bought the ‘be brave’ print with the teepees for the babe’s room
market 9
these barn board signs went like hot cakes!
market 10
still got my eye on that bakery sign
market 11
this farmhouse sign will forever be a favorite of mine

they have already set the date for the fall market. september 16-17 (a day after my due date!) i know i’ll try my hardest to somehow still be there!

26 weeks

Size? lettuce | 13.6″-14.8″| 1.5-2.5lbs How far along? 26 weeks Total weight gain: our appointment got moved to this past tuesday so i got to weight in and actually i have been off on my gain! i now am back to the same weight i […]

a week of instagrams

my peonies are back in action! if they only didn’t have 1000000000 ants on them.
my client sara texted me this past weekend saying she left some homemade cookies at our front door. how sweet of her!
a little memorial day drink (mmmm water)

25 weeks

Size? cauliflower | 13.6″-14.8″ | 1.5-2.5lbs How far along? 25 weeks Total weight gain: 1lbs but will find out on the 13th how much more i’ve gained. Maternity clothes? loving them, but i have been finding dresses with extra length that work just as well. […]