Month: May 2016

22 weeks

Size? size of a papaya | 10.5″-11.8″ long | 12.7-20.8oz How far along? 22 weeks  Total weight gain: 0, but i’m assuming that will change at my next appointment! Maternity clothes? loving all of them Stretch marks? just a few  Sleep: been pretty crazy, with the house […]

new jobs & a new house!

so much has happened in the past couple weeks. our house is officially on the market! nick got a new job! and i am starting my own business!


nick works for alliant energy as a lineman out of the elkader shop. an opening came out in the company for a ‘service rep’ job out of the west union shop (closer to home). he will basically be doing the same job that he is doing now but will have first dibs on all the overtime calls and will get his own truck. it’s his dream job and we couldn’t have been more excited to get the news!

we knew going into it that if he did get this job we would most likely have to live within west union’s city limits. which we were fine with, anyway to get closer to home was good for us! somehow when the job was posted  it said ‘within city limits or within 13 miles of city limits’… after nick accepted the job he asked his manager about the living station. she said she had to think about it and called him the next day saying she will allow him to live 13 miles from the city limits!! in our mind we knew exactly what that meant…. we could live in st. lucas!! i grew up a couple miles outside of st. lucas, i played little league there, got my first job there, my grandparents and our best friends live there, we got married in their church and plan on baptizing our children there! it really couldn’t have worked out any better. another plus is nick will get to take his service truck home with him! he was super excited about that!

we stuck a for sale sign in our yard in elkader last thursday, an hour later we had someone stop wanting to look at it. we had another couple come look on friday! last night i put pictures and information on facebook (i have the best friends too! so many of them shared it! thank you everyone who did!!) today i also posted it for sale on zillow. i also ordered a st. joseph statue to help with the selling process!

here are some of the pictures of our house as it is now!

13 14 8 4 9 5 1 6 7 11 10 3 2 12

we hope and pray we can get it sold quickly! we have been looking at a couple houses in st. lucas and would like to get moved in asap before the baby in september!

all these changes really helped light a fire under my butt to get going on my ‘home design business’, i have been mailing out more and more business cards to contractors to get my name out there. i really hope everything falls into place soon!

21 weeks

Size? side of an endive | 10.5″ long | 12.7oz How far along? 21 weeks Total weight gain: 0 so far! Maternity clothes? oh yes, they are the best Stretch marks? there are a few popping up! Sleep: last night i slept through the night, […]