what i bought at the barn

the barn purchase 1
took this adorable towel home from under a tin roof. it’s way too pretty to use! they also do these personalized towels which would be an awesome bridal shower gift.
the barn purchase 2
my friend linley had me inspired to buy this! she used one very similar for her business cards. i just had to copy her! and it was only a $1 at the sisters garden.
the barn purchase 3
this alarm clock from the shop is the perfect little addition to our guest room.
the barn purchase 4
this sign also came from the shop. it was completely inspired by chip and jojo from fixer upper. they have one very similar for sale!
the barn purchase 5
these pretty little earrings came from {made} community
the barn purchase 6
these fake tomatoes look so real and are perfect for my display shelves in my kitchen. they also came from sisters garden near kalona, ia
the barn purchase 7
this little wall hanging was too inspiring to pass up!
the barn purchase 8
finding a dresser for the babies room was on my radar while at the barn. this one was the perfect size and in great shape. i love the unique writing on it as well! i believe it will go in our room and the baby will be getting our dresser. the bottom drawers are actually one large drawer so thought that would fit our clothes better then little babe clothes!

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