a day with my high school girlfriends

my high school girlfriends came to visit and we had such a good time catching up! here is the ‘buffet’ i set up for them. i just love using all my dishes/glassware!

friends 1
the girls had to get up early and leave the next day so i made sure breakfast was available for them. i picked up some donuts/muffins from pedretti’s bakery here in elkader & had oatmeal and cappuccino set out for them.
friends 2
love that i get to use all my goodies from crate and barrel!
friends 3
since the girls didn’t eat ONE bakery item, me and nick had to eat them all. wow were they good.
friends 4
i used a little wood dish (nick usually keeps his keys/knife in it) for a little k-cup bowl!
friends 6
my friend laura got me this preggatinis book when she found out we were expecting, so i thought what a better way to try out some recipes! i had strawberry vodka available for the girls add.
friends 5
i made two of the recipes in the book had had two different glasses with garnish for them. they tasted pretty darn good!
friends 7
i also made little caprese bits. our grocery store didn’t have basil so i just went without!
friends 8
i picked up a little oven mitt and hot pad for a gift for each girlfriend!
friends 9
cheers! it was such a fun weekend and i absolutely loved setting up a little buffet for my friends!


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