23 weeks

23 weeks grapefruit

Size? grapefruit | 10.5″-11.8″ | 12.7-20.8oz
How far along? 23 weeks 
Total weight gain: well it’s official, i gained a pound!

Maternity clothes? loving them

Stretch marks? just a couple 

Sleep: has been hit and miss, been not sleeping because my mind is racing with our house stuff!

Best moment this week: we had another appointment, so hearing the heartbeat is always awesome! and we looked at another house to buy. just praying we can sell ours soon! it was also SO good to have my high school girlfriends come visit! 

Miss Anything? i miss my back not hurting all the time, if i lay on my back it’s impossible to sit up without rolling to my side first. it’s like a big pinch trying to sit up.

Movement: so much movement! nick hasn’t been able to feel it lately, but then again doesn’t try too often! 

Food cravings: still on my mountain dew kick, and sour candies are always delicious! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: ground beef, chicken hasn’t been very appetizing either. 

Gender: boy or girl? boy or girl?

Labor Signs: none

Symptoms: none, i guess i have been a little sleepy lately…

Belly Button in or out? in 

Wedding rings on or off? on 

Happy or Moody most of the time: been very happy!

Looking forward to: this weekend should be great! my friend linley is doing a vendor show in wellman, so i’m going on saturday to help her with that!

22 weeks

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