a week of instagrams

grandma, mom and i went flower shopping last friday. i spotted this and couldn’t stop thinking about it. it was at our first stop so i left it…we then ended up going back to that greenhouse and i ended up buying it! have no idea what it’s called but it sure is pretty!
we officially posted our first home ‘for sale‘, it’s sad to see it go but we are really looking forward to what is ahead of us!
i asked nick to copy these planters that the bower’s had made. last year i had two small flower pots sitting by our front door and they just looked to little. i’m so happy with the way they turned out, he did a great job! he also made my mom and his mom one for mothers day!
i switched out some of my frames with free printables off of pinterest. this one caught my eye and i love the way it looks in the black frame.

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