a week of instagrams

mom, nichole, mckenzine, keaton and i went on a little adventure two saturdays ago. we went to some amish stores and greenhouses. grandma kept trying to grab keaton’s hand and he kept sticking them further and further into his ‘pockets’. he melts my heart.
two weeks ago we got another blue apron delivery. nick was gone last thursday so i made the last meal to have for myself. it was a salmon with green potato salad. i’m not usually a fan of potato salad at all but this was so good!
last saturday we went to a minnesota twin’s game. it was supposed to be bad/cold weather but we lucked out! we sat low enough that wind didn’t really hit us. the twin’s ended up loosing but we did get to see lots of hits and two home-runs!
liam and nolan have swim lessons on sunday’s. we finally made it to one. it was so great to see them do so well! they really love the water! keaton was adorable as usual on the sidelines.
white house pickles. if you’ve ever had one you know how great this picture is. they are making my mouth water now. nick and i ate there this past week and our favorite server/childhood neighbor made a little to-go box with only pickles is it! i’m too spoiled!

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  • So many GREAT things about this post!! Love the picture of Keaters with Gma Debbie……has to be one of my favorites! Love that you guys had a chance to watch boys swim….they thought it was fabulous!!! And love the super cute picture of the two of you enjoying a Twins game…your life of two time is dwindling….

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