bathroom drawer organizing

who here has way too many bathroom products?? i know i do, and boy did they need to be gone through and organized! i took everything out of our bathroom closet and started the process. old products were getting thrown away and products i’ve tried but didn’t like were getting passed on to others. here is what the before looked like. (don’t judge)

bathroom drawer 1

my mom got me a label maker a few years ago and this was my first thing i labeled! they all still work for me so i left them on.

bathroom drawer 2

i took everything out of each drawer and sorted into piles, then stacked everything back into it’s correct drawer.

here is our ‘medical’ drawer

bathroom drawer 3

our ‘mini vacation’ items drawer bathroom drawer 4

my ‘hair products’ drawer bathroom drawer 5

this drawer did not have a label and it kind of fits… it’s all random stuff in there!

bathroom drawer 6

here is my ‘nail care’ drawer, which also houses glasses, retainers, and sun care products. bathroom drawer 7

this drawer is the most used. it’s all of our ‘extras,’ i really had no clue how much of each item we had in there. very glad to go through it! i know it doesn’t look organized right now but it sure is!

bathroom drawer 8

this is my ‘i’m a crazy lady’ drawer. it’s all products from hotels that i’ve collected. i had this vision to put them in a cute glass jar and have in a guest bathroom someday…mark my word it will happen! bathroom drawer 9

here is the closet put back together. nick’s work clothes are also stored in here along with our laundry basket. it works great for us and really helps to have those drawers organized! bathroom drawer 10

here is the top shelf where my travel bags, hair care and hair products are housed. much cleaner and much more efficient! bathroom drawer 11

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