high chair re-do!

a few weeks ago i put a ‘in search for’ item on our local facebook for sale groups. i was in search for an old wooden high chair that we could re-do! i would have loved to have our high chair from when me and my brothers we’re kids but my mom is not sure where it ended up! i had a couple people send me pictures of their old wooden high chairs that they were wanting to get rid of and we settled on this beauty!

high chair 1

the lady was even nice enough to come deliver it! i handed her $25 and couldn’t wait to get started on the makeover. (when i said ‘i’ i mean ‘nick’)

nick started by sanding the whole thing down. we wanted to get that sticker off the back of it. there was a few worn areas and cracks in the wood but i actually kind of liked it that way. once he got it all sanded down we realized the spot where the sticker was damaged the wood…there goes my idea of staining the chair, that spot would have shown right through.

high chair 2

we did consider flipping the back, so the sticker side would be on the back where it would be less seen/noticeable but then decided to paint the chair instead of staining. high chair 3 high chair 4

nick took the top apart so he could sand and paint it easier. i wanted to make sure whatever paint we used would be kid friendly. high chair 5 one of the boutiques downtown sells milk paint and i have always been wanting to try it! i talked to the lady who owns the store and she recommended that the smaller bag would be enough for a high chair, well an hour later i was down to get more. should have listened to my gut. nick put three coats on it so he burned through it pretty fast! i also bought (not pictured) finishing hemp oil to put over the milk paint to seal it. high chair 11 we wanted some contrast with the chair so we decided to stain the tray. this made me feel a little better too about a kid eating off of it. nick put a couple coats of stain on it and then followed that with 3 coats of poly. high chair 6

here is our finished project! we both love it! it matches our kitchen island so well too! high chair 7

i really really love how the tray turned out and it seems like it’s going to be super easy to clean up. i’m thinking after each kid we will refinish it just to make sure that there is no poly chipping off! high chair 8 high chair 9 high chair 10

now 5 more months until the baby arrives and then many more before he or she will be using the chair, but it sure is fun to look at sitting in our kitchen!

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