wedding wednesday | update

i haven’t mentioned anything about the wedding side of life lately so i thought i would catch everyone up!

this year is going very well! so far i have 19 brides booked (last year there was a total of 24 booked), 4 of those dates have already come and gone. i am also $466.00 away from my total last year!! (not saying i have this money already, but from the brides quotes…those are my numbers) hope that all makes sense, i kind of confused myself!

i packed up two customers this weekend, i say customers because one was a bride and one was a maid of honor! she is throwing a shower for her sister (bride who is booked later on this year) and wanted almost the exact same items i had at my bridal shower! so that worked out so well!

my shower looked like this…. (she is using silver instead of gold)

17 18 21

i hope to see pictures of this pink, black and white stripe and silver shower! so very kate spade!

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