walmart baby box

my mom signed me up for walmart’s baby box and i got my first delivery last week! i was really excited to open it and see what it all included!

walmart package 1 walmart package 2

lots of neat things! little samples of desitin, nursing pads, shout wipe and go, all dryer sheets for sensitive skin, breastmilk storage bags, bert’s bees lotion, and baby shampoo! walmart package 3

my favorite item is this little diaper/wipe case. granted it only fits a tiny thing of wipes and a couple diapers…but how stylish! love the colors and print of the little bag. seems like something i will totally use (yeah i say that now until the baby arrives and i’m throwing diapers and wipes everywhere!) i’ll keep you updated if it actually gets used 😉 walmart package 4

thanks mom for the fun little care package!

1 thought on “walmart baby box”

  • That’s a neat idea…..and a good way to see if you actually like something before committing to buying it!
    The things they come up with!! Enjoy ?!?

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