a week of instagrams

my favorite mug from my mom and dad. i always tell my nephews to ‘give me some sugar’ and their responses always kill me… ‘sugar rots your teeth’ & ‘what’s sugar??’ the way they say ‘sugur’ melts my heart as well
my fruity mocktail while out with linley, jess, laura, jeremy and my better half last weekend in williamsburg. our server was so sweet and even put it in a pineapple for me 🙂
nolan and liam started bitty basketball and i’ve been heartbroken i haven’t been able to make it yet. my friend kristin sent me this picture last week of the boys and her son hudson. are they not the cutest crew ever?
this quote is so fitting for my job transformation happening… more to come on that!
it’s the little things… while on a walk the other day i stopped by our town’s ‘rapid park’. elkader has done such an amazing job fixing up the town. it makes living here that much more enjoyable.


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