diy spring wreath

wreath 1
i started with a foam wreath form from the dollar store and some green and purple ribbon i had in my rental stash. the ribbon is hot glued on the wreath form.
wreath 2
the wreath form completely wrapped in ribbon.
wreath 3
i then took yellow tulips that i had in my rental stash as well, cut and glued them onto the ribbon/wreath form.
wreath 4
i filled in the empty areas with leaves from the tulip bunch.
wreath 5
i then made a little bow from burlap ribbon and glued that to the bottom of the flower bunch.
wreath 6
topped it off with carrot ribbon i picked up at the dollar store (same ribbon tied on my easter tree branches) for the ‘hook’.
wreath 7
hanging it was as easy at putting a clear command hook on the door and hooking the ribbon on it! i also took some tape, rolled it and stuck it to the back side of the wreath since this is our main entrance door so it would bang around a lot with the door opening and closing.
wreath 8
only took me 15 minutes to make and adds a nice pop of color to our dining room! such a cheap little wreath too! everything i had on hand. (yes i keep wreath forms on hand 🙂 )

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