cd organizing

my car has been over taken by cd cases! yes i am still old school and buy cd’s. as you can tell most of them are not in the best shape! i have been wanting to organize them for sometime now. all my christmas cd’s are mixed in with my country cd’s as well. seems like when i pull one cd out of the player i just toss in it whatever case is empty, making it a bit of a struggle to find the right cd some times. (how many times can i say cd in a paragraph?)

cd 1

i bought this case on amazon. thought for sure 80 slots for cd’s would be enough. and i was right…with a few to spare. looks like i can go ahead and keep buying cds!

i organized them in alphabetical order, making it easy for me or my passengers to find one.

cd 4

cd 5

  cd 3

cd 2

my sanity and nick’s sanity are under control now every time we ride in my vehicle. this also cleared up a lot of room in my arm rest to store other things out of the way!   nothing better then a fresh start for spring!

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