wedding wednesday | say yes to the best expo | elkader, ia

the ‘say yes to the best’ wedding expo was held in elkader, ia on february 2nd and 3rd from 10-4 each day. last year was the first year they held the expo. this year i set up my two tables in JEM salon and spa. the brides register for the expo there which makes my tables hard to miss!

i went for a ‘whimsical woodland’ theme. logs, lanterns, wild flowers, candles, rocks, water, etc. i am also showcasing my floor plans of receptions halls, which makes set up of reception halls a breeze! on this table here i have my bestie’s wedding stationary look book and business postcards.

say yes 1 say yes 2 say yes 3 say yes 4

on this next table i have similar items that are on the first table. love showcasing my friends menu that she made. the gold frame really makes it pop. the wildflowers in the birdcage is becoming a new favorite look of mine also!

say yes 5 say yes 6 say yes 7 say yes 8

the expo didn’t bring in as many brides as hoped but i’m hopeful the ones that it did bring in had a great experience!

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