nail polish storage

here is my massive collection of nail polish. i have had this purple caboodle since i was a little girl. since it housed all (most) of my nail polish, the clasp broke years ago, making it impossible to carry with one hand. my mom used to sell avon, so i would always get the latest and greatest nail polishes from there (which are mostly in the cardboard box pictured). finally i decided i need to go through it all!

nail polish 1

while at nick’s family christmas this past year, his cousin brought all her nail polish to give me a manicure. she showed up with an adorable tote full of polishes. what a great idea, and why haven’t i thought of something like that. while at walmart the other day i found this tote, very similar to nick’s cousins and had to grab it. nail polish 2

i then sorted through all the polishes. some of this stuff i remember putting on my nails when i was a little girl. that stuff cannot be good anymore! the box below is showing all the colors i was passing on to my niece to enjoy. it was a sad day to retire my caboodle 🙁 nail polish 3

now i have all my new ‘gel’ nail polishes and some others stored away neatly in my new tote. they fit great, guess that means i shouldn’t be buying anymore? nail polish 4

the great thing about having them stored in a tote, you can use the lid as a ‘table top’ that way if get any polish on the lid…you can take a cotton ball with some nail polish remover on it and clean the lid right up! i owe all this organizing/tips to nick’s cousin! thank you dear! nail polish 5

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