fireplace remodel

when we bought the house is july of 2014 we were so excited to have a fireplace. it was located perfectly for us too. right in the living room that was open to the dining room and kitchen. the appearance of it was not my taste, but i wasn’t complaining. we left it in the state below for a year before i decided what i wanted to do with it…

fireplace before we moved in

i started with the idea of ‘white washing’ the brick. i wouldn’t consider my style as rustic as the first coat turned out…so i opted for one more coat.

fp 7
fireplace with one coat of ‘white wash’ on it

the second coat turned out much better in my opinion! once i finished with the paint i left it as is for a couple more weeks. taping and painting around the carpet and fireplace insert was not much fun so i put the rest of the makeover off for a bit.

fp 5
fireplace with 2 coats of ‘white wash’ on it

i tossed around a couple ideas of what to do with the mantel and the wall behind it. i thought living with it the way it was would help me determine exactly what i wanted done. i considered painting the mantel black…but then thought it would look like a big division symbol with the circle mirror, black mantel, and the black fireplace insert. i then considered painting it a darker gray (our kitchen island is dark gray so i thought of matching that to tie the two rooms together). i then came across the fire place in this post and knew i wanted that look!

fp 6
fireplace decorated after a paint makeover

i was gone one saturday afternoon and i came home and nick had this to show me! i had showed him these posts on how to create the ship-lap and mantel

fp 4
fire place with ship lap and molding added along with new mantle built over existing one

he did such a great job! i was so happy with it i could hardly wait to get paint and stain on it. one thing wonderful through all these house projects is that fact that i work at a lumbar yard. i get all my materials for practically cost which makes little projects like these cost little to nothing!

fp 3
ship lap painted | mantel stained
fp 2
decorated for fall

i almost didn’t want to take down my fall decor because i loved it so much with the gray and distressed stained large mantel. but i’m a sucker for christmas decor and all things glitzy!

fp 1
decorated for Christmas fp 9 fp 8 fp 11

here is the state it is in now. i change up the decor often, probably too much!

i could not be happier for the way it turned out! i am also so very thankful to have a husband who loves to attempt and accomplish my visions on his own!

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