spring fever

i have really been in the mood to ‘spring shop’. the weather is supposed to be getting warmer and we are doing spring cleaning in our house. time for some new fresh stuff! here is some of the things on my spring shopping list!

spring fever 1
i’m in need of some new black jeggings! i have had wonderful luck with american eagle pants.
spring fever 2
my good friend laura has been talking me into a pair of birkenstock’s for a year now! this spring is the time! now to decide which color….?? black, brown or cream??
Racerback Stripe Maxi Dress
in love with this nautical maxi dress from tj maxx. the back is racer-back too!
the perfect dress for summer!
Image 4 of ASOS Maternity Off Shoulder Mini Dress
i’m on the search for the perfect off the shoulder dress. bright red is a color i don’t usually wear but this dress is beautiful!

Old Navy

Decorative Coral
sticking with the nautical theme. i am so drawn to this red coral!
there is nothing better then a new milk house candle for spring! i’m thinking the blueberry basil or lemon cheesecake need a new home with me! these candles are seriously the best.
Aviator Sunglasses
i’ve been wanting a new pair of sunglasses and am loving the purple lenses!


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