Month: February 2016

shopping no. 1

mom, grandma and i ran to waterloo/cedar falls this past saturday to get some spring shopping in. i got quite a few things off my list (finally some clothes that fit better) but was also disappointed in most of the stores. i guess shopping in […]

cd organizing

my car has been over taken by cd cases! yes i am still old school and buy cd’s. as you can tell most of them are not in the best shape! i have been wanting to organize them for sometime now. all my christmas cd’s […]

11 weeks

11 weeks lime

How far along? 11 weeks
Total weight gain: 5lbs

Maternity clothes? haven’t worn any yet. not sure how much i will buy either, hope to live in dresses all spring and summer

Stretch marks? no stretch marks yet, but i’m bound to get them. 

Sleep: like a baby! wake up once a night to pee, sometimes twice.

Best moment this week: hearing the heartbeat!! and getting an ultrasound picture. we had our first appointment on monday and left in the best mood!

Miss Anything? i do miss weekends with my friends, drinking, bar hopping, etc.

Movement: no movement yet, but the ultrasound showed an active baby!

Food cravings: no real ‘gotta have it’ moments, but i have always loved pickles and seem to love them a little bit more now. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: smells! lots of different food smells, too much cologne or perfume, every smell is so heightened it really effects me. 

Gender: we are not finding out (as of now) and i really don’t have a gut feeling on it either!

Labor Signs: none

Symptoms: tiredness, nausea, tiredness, tiredness…..

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy happy! the heartbeat was so awesome, words can’t explain it.

Looking forward to:  we invited our friends down for a night this weekend, hopefully they can all make it, i’m really missing them!

ultrasound 1

wedding wednesday | say yes to the best expo | elkader, ia

the ‘say yes to the best’ wedding expo was held in elkader, ia on february 2nd and 3rd from 10-4 each day. last year was the first year they held the expo. this year i set up my two tables in JEM salon and spa. […]

nail polish storage

here is my massive collection of nail polish. i have had this purple caboodle since i was a little girl. since it housed all (most) of my nail polish, the clasp broke years ago, making it impossible to carry with one hand. my mom used […]

fireplace remodel

when we bought the house is july of 2014 we were so excited to have a fireplace. it was located perfectly for us too. right in the living room that was open to the dining room and kitchen. the appearance of it was not my taste, but i wasn’t complaining. we left it in the state below for a year before i decided what i wanted to do with it…

fireplace before we moved in

i started with the idea of ‘white washing’ the brick. i wouldn’t consider my style as rustic as the first coat turned out…so i opted for one more coat.

fp 7
fireplace with one coat of ‘white wash’ on it

the second coat turned out much better in my opinion! once i finished with the paint i left it as is for a couple more weeks. taping and painting around the carpet and fireplace insert was not much fun so i put the rest of the makeover off for a bit.

fp 5
fireplace with 2 coats of ‘white wash’ on it

i tossed around a couple ideas of what to do with the mantel and the wall behind it. i thought living with it the way it was would help me determine exactly what i wanted done. i considered painting the mantel black…but then thought it would look like a big division symbol with the circle mirror, black mantel, and the black fireplace insert. i then considered painting it a darker gray (our kitchen island is dark gray so i thought of matching that to tie the two rooms together). i then came across the fire place in this post and knew i wanted that look!

fp 6
fireplace decorated after a paint makeover

i was gone one saturday afternoon and i came home and nick had this to show me! i had showed him these posts on how to create the ship-lap and mantel

fp 4
fire place with ship lap and molding added along with new mantle built over existing one

he did such a great job! i was so happy with it i could hardly wait to get paint and stain on it. one thing wonderful through all these house projects is that fact that i work at a lumbar yard. i get all my materials for practically cost which makes little projects like these cost little to nothing!

fp 3
ship lap painted | mantel stained
fp 2
decorated for fall

i almost didn’t want to take down my fall decor because i loved it so much with the gray and distressed stained large mantel. but i’m a sucker for christmas decor and all things glitzy!

fp 1
decorated for Christmas fp 9 fp 8 fp 11

here is the state it is in now. i change up the decor often, probably too much!

i could not be happier for the way it turned out! i am also so very thankful to have a husband who loves to attempt and accomplish my visions on his own!

spring fever

i have really been in the mood to ‘spring shop’. the weather is supposed to be getting warmer and we are doing spring cleaning in our house. time for some new fresh stuff! here is some of the things on my spring shopping list!   […]

a week of instagrams

a little inspiration found in a cabinet catalog at work
made some sugar cookies for nick’s nieces baptism last sunday
a little valentine greeting getting sent out! i got these greeting cards from the dollar aisle in target a while ago.
i spotted this ladder in a thrift store window a couple weeks back. i happened to be going through the town the other day and had to stop and see if it was still there! fits perfectly and now our blankets can be shown off too!
i ordered our first ‘blue apron‘ delivery service. our first meal was beet linguine, let me tell you…it was awesome! cannot wait to make the next two this weekend!