wedding wednesday | organizing, organizing, organizing!

after having boxes upon boxes in our basement after buying an already established wedding rental business we had to start organizing! my parents had recently bought some shelving from a local store that was going out of business. after seeing theirs we went to this closing store and bought some as well, thinking that it would be plenty for all of our stuff. wrong! it held maybe a 1/6 of the items.

nick and i then ran to menards one saturday to look at buying more shelving. we settled on these. we picked up 4 and returned home. i believe i made 2 more trips back to get more.

we went through every box…counting, sorting and labeling. this was the most tedious of all the tasks. going through all the glassware was the worst. we had to unpack/wrap every item and then repack/wrap them. once those were all done i thought the rest would be pretty easy. until we got to the table linens. my parents came down one night and we went through every table cloth and sorted by size (banquet size or circle) and color (black, white, ivory). we then proceeded to fold them all which wasn’t so bad once we got the hang of it. i then printed out labels and glued then to the area of the shelf where they would be sitting. having the linens all folded and easily accessible makes renting them out super easy and fast!

next was all the pretty linens, the runners and overlays. i first started out by making piles of each color. once that was all done i then sorted the runners (11″x106″)  from the overlays (60″x60″) and began folding. i went a bought many totes to put them in once folded. i continued to fold and buy more totes, and more folding and more tote buying…

i really felt a sense of accomplishment once all the linens were in place, not only did they look pretty they were so functional now. what a relief to have that done!!


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