i need this flooring!

one very nice thing about working at a lumbar yard is seeing all the latest products that come on the market. one of my flooring reps came in today with these beauties. my eyes lit up! vinyl 1 vinyl 2 vinyl 3 vinyl 4

i know what everyone is thinking….linoleum? well kind of. vinyl (as it’s called now) has come a long long way. their patterns are stunning, texture is amazing, and durability is strong! it is super easy to clean and maintain. a lot of customers in our small rural area install vinyl in their bathrooms. i have grown to love it and would adore this pattern in our laundry room!

i am in love with all three colors, but my heart keeps tugging me towards the darkest one.

here is the laundry room now…. very crisp white!

laundry room

now to convince nick….maybe these pictures would help him!?

laundry room 2

this is a view from our kitchen looking into the laundry room. what i would give to see that view every day while working in the kitchen.

laundry room

since we kept our laundry room and powder room in mostly white tones, i think this floor would be the perfect ‘fun’ addition!

what do you guys think? am i nuts?

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