wedding wednesday | buying a wedding rental business

on january 5th 2015 i got a message from my hairstylist’s mom…who owned ‘weddings and more rentals’ in small town iowa. she started out by saying her daughter (my stylist) was talking to my mom while she was getting her hair done one day. nick and i’s wedding was just a month before and i still had all my decorations…. she asked my mom what i was doing with all of them and my mom jokingly said ‘oh maybe she would rent them out someday.’ my stylist then told her mom and then she contacted me… asking if i would be interested in buying her business!

we met later that day (because i had a haircut with her daughter) and talked things over. she showed me and nick her inventory and answered our 1 million questions we had. she then told me she would get together her ‘numbers’ and get back to me.

me and nick went to las vegas january 20-23 for KBIS and the home builders show. we had 2 layovers that left us plenty of time to sort through all the pros and cons of buying the business. we decided to do it and jumped in with both feet once we got home.

we met with her once again on jan 28th and sealed the deal with a hand shake! holy cow, we were business owners! on february 5th we asked my parents and nick’s parents to come along to start picking up our new inventory, which was only 15 minutes from our home. having 2 vans, 2 full size trucks and a trailer we thought for sure we could get it all. boy were we wrong. me and nick had to make 2 more trips the following monday (january 9th) to get the remainder. i wish i had pictures of our basement with all the boxes and totes in it when we got it all to our house. it was a zoo.

one of the main reasons we decided to go ahead and buy the business was our large unfinished basement. we would have all the storage we would need and a ‘sort of finished’ room for my showroom. it’s funny to think that when we bought the house we were so excited about all the empty space we would have! little did we know 6 months later it would be packed full with wedding supplies!


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