Month: January 2016

wedding wedneday | winneshiek wedding market

the winneshiek wedding market was held on january 24th this year in hotel winneshiek . it is such a beautiful place! i got an email a week before the market stating that there was going to be 51 vendors there! these included catering, photography, rentals, dj’s, limo services, jewelry companies, beauty lines, bridal stores, etc. it’s really a great place for those soon to be brides to come and book vendors and see what everyone has to offer! also the email listed the number of brides already signed up to attend. there was 83 that signed up prior!

each show i am participating in this year i am doing a different theme based off wedding stationary made by my bestie. for this show i used the stationary she created for our wedding. ivory’s and gold’s! my vision included gold glitz, light and airy, and glam. wwm 2

the items i brought along included gold sequin table cloths (hung as a backdrop), the backdrop support poles, white sheer fabric, gold picture frames, a gold glitter chandelier, bouquet clips, bouquets from our wedding, champagne glasses, ivory table linens, a mr & mrs sign, large easel and chalkboard, and a snack bowl/card box for brides to place their entry cards for my giveaway! wwm 1

my mom was sweet enough to come stand there with me all day! she drew the winner of the give away, which as you can read on the picture above is free table runners with rental of table cloths. and the lucky winner is kelly politowitz!

wedding wednesday | bride tote bags

this year i am making ‘bride bags’ for any bride who puts a deposit down on their first visit to my show room. i looked online at many different sites for bags that i could customize. i finally decided on just buying a blank bag […]

freezer meals

i have been making freezer meals for quite some time now. they are such a wonderful thing!

don’t feel like cooking? – freezer meal

short on time? – freezer meal

want a home cooked meal? – freezer meal

need a gift for new parents/homeowners/someone sick? – freezer meal!

this is my fourth batch i have made, they get easier and easier each time. some recipes i have found take longer then others but then you have to think about all the time you are saving when you actually cook/eat the meal!

here is my list of meals i went with this time…

cafe rio crockpot chicken

creamy chicken italian-o

swiss chicken


million dollar spaghetti

mexican lasagna

chicken bacon ranch sandwiches

swedish meatballs with homemade meatballs

slow cooker ravioli

pesto ranch chicken

margarita chicken

freezer meal 3  i put together all the recipes to create a shopping list. leaving out the items (spices, beef, noodles, etc.) i knew i already had and this is what i came up with…

34 chicken breasts

10oz bacon

28oz meatballs

2 bags frozen ravioli

½ bottle Italian dressing

4 packet dry ranch dressing

1 packet dry Italian seasoning

stove top stuffing mix

2 packages of taco seasoning

32oz cream cheese

6 slices swiss cheese

1 container ricotta cheese

5 cups mozzarella shredded (plus handful for top)

1 cup fresh shaved parmesan (plus handful for top)

1 ¼ cup sour cream

½ pound cottage cheese

8  cups shredded cheddar cheese

1 can cream of chicken

1 can cream chicken

3 jars spaghetti sauce

4 cans re-fried beans

10 small tortillas

1 can cream of mushroom

2 cups beef broth

1 cup sliced mushrooms

28 oz can crushed tomatoes

6 oz can tomato paste

1 small jar pesto

¼ cup milk

¼ cup melted butter + stick

2 eggs

3 chopped onion

4 green onions

4 roma tomatoes


2 packages margarita mix

i found it helpful to categorize my shopping list as well… all produce together, dairy together, canned good together etc. makes the trip to the store with a big list a little less overwhelming. with all the items listed + items we needed for the week we came in right around $200. so if we take at least $40 off for non freezer meal items, we are getting all these meals for $160. (remember i did have some of the items…spices, butter, and all the ground beef)

freezer meal 2

i always portion the meals for two people (or a little more for nick for lunch the next day)  since it’s just me and him, i don’t want to make a huge casserole and have left overs all week. so i portion it out differently then most of the recipes talk about.

so in the end i came out with 31 meals for $160.00 = $5.16 a meal!

freezer meal 1

wedding wednesday | organizing, organizing, organizing!

after having boxes upon boxes in our basement after buying an already established wedding rental business we had to start organizing! my parents had recently bought some shelving from a local store that was going out of business. after seeing theirs we went to this […]

i need this flooring!

one very nice thing about working at a lumbar yard is seeing all the latest products that come on the market. one of my flooring reps came in today with these beauties. my eyes lit up! vinyl 1 vinyl 2 vinyl 3 vinyl 4

i know what everyone is thinking….linoleum? well kind of. vinyl (as it’s called now) has come a long long way. their patterns are stunning, texture is amazing, and durability is strong! it is super easy to clean and maintain. a lot of customers in our small rural area install vinyl in their bathrooms. i have grown to love it and would adore this pattern in our laundry room!

i am in love with all three colors, but my heart keeps tugging me towards the darkest one.

here is the laundry room now…. very crisp white!

laundry room

now to convince nick….maybe these pictures would help him!?

laundry room 2

this is a view from our kitchen looking into the laundry room. what i would give to see that view every day while working in the kitchen.

laundry room

since we kept our laundry room and powder room in mostly white tones, i think this floor would be the perfect ‘fun’ addition!

what do you guys think? am i nuts?

wedding wednesday | buying a wedding rental business

on january 5th 2015 i got a message from my hairstylist’s mom…who owned ‘weddings and more rentals’ in small town iowa. she started out by saying her daughter (my stylist) was talking to my mom while she was getting her hair done one day. nick […]