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The night of Thursday, September 1 I started having contractions. I would have about 5-10 constant ones and then I wouldn’t have any for an hour, this went on all throughout the night. Causing not much sleep for me! The next morning, Friday, September 2, they had seemed to stop. Then noon hit and they came on strong again, this time they were less than 5 minutes apart and getting stronger. When nick got home from work that afternoon we called the doctor and they asked us to come in and they would check me. Our doctor was not working but we saw another doctor. She checked me and I was dilated 1 1/2 cm, she pushed around on my stomach feeling the position of the baby. Nick and I swear she sent me into labor. When we left the hospital I started to not feel good and the contractions were getting much more intense and closer together. We got home and waited until about 10:00 and called in explaining to them what I was feeling. They told us to come in and they would check me again. When we got there they checked me again I was still at 1 1/2cm. I sat in their whirlpool tub which helped my contraction pain immensely. Two hours later they checked me again and I hadn’t progressed any. They decided to send us home. When we got home the pain had tripled. We sat up the whole night, I was rocking back and forth on our exercise ball (which helped with the pain a little) and nick rubbed my back. I was really feeling like a baby that I could not handle the pain. Nick called the hospital again and they told us to come back in. This was around 4:00 in the morning. We got there and I got back into the tub which helped a little. I asked for some pain medicine and they gave me a shot of morphine which didn’t seem to help at all. Finally around noon I was dilated enough and got my epidural. Let me tell you I was a brand new woman once I got that. Nick and I got a little nap in and around 6:00 I was starting to feel pain again. I got another dose which helped for a few more hours. Dr. Harmsen checked me again and I was at 8cm, she then went in and broke my water. When she did that she found out that the baby had went to the bathroom inside of me. She said that sometimes babies do that if they are stressed. She also said that I would have to be on antibiotics for a few hours before I deliver, and that the baby would have to be on antibiotics for 48 hours after he/she is born. Around 9:40 the pain was so bad again I could barely take it. Nick went and got the doctor and nurses and they told me it was time to start pushing! I couldn’t believe it was finally time for that. About 40 minutes later at 10:22 we had a little baby in our arms! They did not say if it was a boy or girl when she came out. We had to look for ourselves! We were so convinced it was a boy that we could hardly believe that she was a girl! They asked us what her name was going to be and we couldn’t answer. We still couldn’t believe it was a girl! We were so set on our boy’s name we didn’t focus as much on the girl’s name. A few minutes later we settled on Bailey Jane Busta. She was born on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 10:22 weighing 7lbs 14oz and was 20” long. The instant love you feel is so powerful and indescribable. She has already been so spoiled and snuggled so much!

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a week of instagrams


these little socks are my nephews…passed on down to our babe. they are so stinkin little!


my cousin and his wife are due 5 days after nick and i. they know they are having a girl and my aunt had a baby shower for her the other day. she had a station to create headbands and this is what i came up with! she has so many cute ones, that little girls head will always be decorated!


addicted to freeze pops? yup!


i printed these large blueprints the other day for a massive house that was so fun to design!


nick and i went to the turkey valley football game the other night. they are 8 man… seems so different from when we were in high school.


fall decorations are in full swing in the busta household. can’t get enough of pumpkins! especially gray and white ones!


38 weeks

38 weeks pumpkin

Size? pumpkin | 18.9″-20.9″ | 6.2-9.2lbs
How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain: down 1 1/2lbs so 7 1/2 total gained

Maternity clothes? dresses dresses dresses

Stretch marks? nothing new here

Sleep: miserable, horrible, uncomfortable… but then i’ll have a great night. very inconsistent. think my body is just preparing me for when the baby is here.

Best moment this week: mom and i got our nails done…love how girly i feel when they are done! also had supper with nick’s family & uncle bob who is home from kansas so that was fun! 

Miss Anything? sleep. and being able to sit like a normal human. the pain right under my bra line is really getting the best of me.

Movement: lots of movement, can tell it’s getting a little tighter in there. 

Food cravings: no cravings, no appetite really either. just so hot to eat. we have been eating freeze pops like crazy though! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: ground beef. nick has a steak last night and it looked so delicious. his dad had a ground sirloin and it looked horrible!

Gender: i’m a firm believer that it’s going to be a boy.

Labor Signs: having contractions, not every day but most days.

Symptoms: fatigue. i have this big knot in my back that acts up every time i sit…ready for that to go away. also prevents me from sleeping.

Belly Button in or out? right side is out! left side is in.

Wedding rings on or off? still have the fake one on. i can’t wait to wear my real one again. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: for sure moody. very ready and hormonal.

Looking forward to: the long weekend (i always have long weekends now since i work from home, but nick will be home an extra day!) our doctor also told us she is on call all weekend so if we wanted to come ‘visit’ her she’d love that ; )

37 weeks



37 weeks

37 weeks wintermelon

Size? winter melon  | 18.9″-20.9″ | 6.2-9.2lbs
How far along? 37 weeks
Total weight gain: well…7lbs have been gained since my last appointment! making it a total of 9lbs!

Maternity clothes? there is really only a few things that fit and are comfortable. dresses i have that i would think would still fit…nope. i really wear a handful of dresses/outfits.

Stretch marks? nothing new. 

Sleep: horrible. i guess i’m getting prepared for when the baby is here.

Best moment this week: i’d say we are fully prepared (physically…not mentally haha) for the baby. bags are packed, car seat is installed, names (i think) are decided…

Miss Anything? sleep!! also miss feeling good…not that i feel sick or anything, just the aches and pains that come along with the belly.

Movement: lots of movement still.

Food cravings: nothing new here. it’s been pretty hot that i actually don’t even feel like eating a big meal most nights. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: just beef. 

Gender: could be a boy, could be a girl!

Labor Signs: still having contractions and back pain has started with those now.

Symptoms: exhaustion.

Belly Button in or out? in 

Wedding rings on or off? haven’t tried my real one on in a while. wearing my fake one to work and out and about. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: i’d say moody. ready but not ready if you know what i mean.

Looking forward to: we have our softball pizza party tonight so it’ll be fun to have all our friends together one last time. also my childhood friends fiances bridal shower and bachelorette party is this weekend. it will be good to meet all her friends and family. really wish i could attend the bachelorette party though!! 

36 weeks

a week of instagrams

or a couple weeks this time!


my cousin mollie stopped the other day and gave us this adorable bib and burp cloth from studio26boutique. i am in love with the pattern and love that they are made local!


this adorable print comes from garvin&co… aka my favorite blogger ever. we hung it in the babe’s room and i smile every time i see it!


these little outfits are my favorite ever! the first one is from zulily and is what the baby will be wearing home from the hospital. the others came from my cousin’s wife at our baby shower. you can find them here, here and similar here.


my friend linley gave us this custom piece for our baby shower. seriously check her out, she’s incredible. the little dream catcher came from at home.


we celebrated josh and lydia last weekend! it was a perfect day and everything so was beautiful! it was our last wedding as a couple, next we’ll be a family! i got my clutch at the dress barn… i can’t find it online now but this one is similar and i debated on getting it instead of the one i ended up with.


nick called me the other day a few minutes before he usually gets home saying he was going to be working downtown on something quick if i wanted to come watch. i just love this picture. we are so happy to be living in st. lucas and both have our dream jobs!



36 weeks

36 weeks honeydew melon

Size? honeydew melon | 17.2″-18.7″ | 4.2-5.8lbs
How far along? 36 weeks
Total weight gain: 2lbs

Maternity clothes? i have been living in dresses and my maternity athletic shorts from old navy.

Stretch marks? no new ones lately. 

Sleep: what a week. i had probably the worst night sleep and best night sleep in months both this week. i started sleeping with my head up more (on two pillows) and it has helped my back pain a lot.

Best moment this week: my friend schauf came to visit this week with her son braxton. it’s so weird how our conversation has changed… it was all baby talk! 

Miss Anything? i’ve said this a 100 times, but i miss feeling normal, and boy do i miss having a drink… the wedding this past weekend was a lot of fun but i can only imagine how much more fun it would have been if i could have had a few drinks and danced the night away.

Movement: lots of kicks! nick got ‘kicked in the head’ the other night and we both thought that was pretty cool! 

Food cravings: nothing crazy, still love mt. dew and pepsi

Anything making you queasy or sick: nick mentioned having burgers the other night…no way. can’t believe i’ve gone all summer without a hamburger…am i american?? 

Gender: really thinking it’s a boy…. think we may have decided on a girls name so that’s a plus!

Labor Signs: i have been having some cramping and weird feelings throughout the day so of course i googled it and looks to me like it could be the start of some contractions!

Symptoms: tired every once in a while

Belly Button in or out? in (but shallow) and kinda creepy

Wedding rings on or off? real one off…fake one on. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: i’d say i’m starting to be a the moody side…

Looking forward to: i don’t know if i have ever put ‘having the baby’ here! we are very anxious to find out a few things…the sex, determine a final name, and to see who it will look like!! (still praying it looks just like nick!)

35 weeks




35 weeks

35 weeks coconut

Size? coconut | 17.2″-18.7″ | 4.2-5.8lbs
How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain: up a pound and a half. so two pounds total

Maternity clothes? figured out my ‘rubbing’ problem. there was never a rash or anything on my skin so i asked my doctor. she said that it’s the muscles and my ribs expanding to make room for the baby, not my clothes rubbing on my skin. 

Stretch marks? haven’t seen any new ones lately 

Sleep: pretty consistent this week. up once a night to pee.

Best moment this week: a few things… friends of ours told us they are expecting and we couldn’t be happier for them!!! we also got a tour of the hospital so we got to see where we will be delivering. made it seem super real.

Miss Anything? i miss feeling normal, but the more i think about not being pregnant in a few weeks the more i think i will miss my bump. there is always awkward or weird pains that i won’t miss though.

Movement: so much. my doctor pointed out where the head and butt now so now i’m obsessed with finding those!

Food cravings: pop (mt. dew and pepsi), donuts (which is pretty convenient that we live next to my grandma and grandpa right now…they always have some), and i’ve been on a wheaties kick…maybe because the olympics are on?? 

Anything making you queasy or sick: still beef, but it’s slowly going away. 

Gender: well it better be a boy, cause that’s the only name we have right now. i really think if it is a girl we are going to be those parents who don’t name their child for a week.

Labor Signs: none, but we learned a lot at our doctors appointment about what to look out for

Symptoms: none

Belly Button in or out? in, but shallow

Wedding rings on or off? off. we did stop at walmart the other day and i ended up finding one. it’s kind of obnoxious and nick giggles every time he see it, but it will do for the last couple weeks!

Happy or Moody most of the time: some things make me moody but for the most part i think i’ve been happy

Looking forward to: a friends wedding this weekend. feel like it might be our last weekend out that we can enjoy with our friends.

34 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks butternut squash

Size? butternut squash | 17.2″-18.7″ | 4.2-5.8lbs
How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain: 1/2lb

Maternity clothes? are starting to bother me…the high wasted belly band thing is starting to rub and be uncomfortable. i need to go a few days without wearing one.

Stretch marks? just a few, nothing new lately. 

Sleep: last night i slept all through the night! previous nights…not so much. up an average of 3 times i’d say.

Best moment this week: mom and i went shopping! we returned duplicates from the shower and bought a few things for the baby that i didn’t get at the shower. feels good to be more prepared! 

Miss Anything? i think i mentioned this last week but i miss being able to move around freely. getting up is such a chore. and catching my breath all the time isn’t fun either (not that i was in shape before! but a set of stairs didn’t make me want to sit down haha)

Movement: having less room in there day by day is making the kicks more powerful. can really see him/her moving in there too… so creepy!

Food cravings: donuts sound so good every morning. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: beef is back up there. just mentioning taco meat makes me sick. 

Gender: really thinking boy, which means it’s probably going to be a girl.

Labor Signs: none

Symptoms: none

Belly Button in or out? in but getting shallow! 

Wedding rings on or off? off, when we were shopping yesterday i was looking for a fake one to wear (i feel so naked/wrong not wearing mine!) and couldn’t find one under $50…seemed a little high to me, so no ring it is. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!

Looking forward to: meeting the newest member of st. lucas! yesterday friends of our had a little baby boy. cole edward! our babe and him will be classmates and hopefully life long friends!

33 weeks


a week of instagrams


on monday i stopped at treats for lunch. the tomato basil soup was to die for. so good!!


we officially spent our last night in our first home. we owe our parents so much for helping us move! it’s so great to have all the moving done with!!


i ordered this adorable little moses basket and base for the babe to sleep in in our room. i loved it online and love it more in person!!