christmas wish lists

CHRISTMAS is coming!! oh gosh i love this holiday! here are some gift ideas i tossed together!


air mattress

Ticket To Ride

board game

dining room chairs



Product Image, click to zoom

hunter boot socks

Household Kitchen Dish Cleaning Green Rubber Washing Gloves Pair

cleaning gloves

wool dryer balls

Signature Magnolia Wreath

magnolia wreath

#shiplap T-Shirt

tee shirt

pasta bowls

Product Details

duck boots

keep charm


stroller caddy


Handle-Mount Grill Light

grill light

ice cream scoop

pizza container

Wahl Chrome Pro 24 pc Haircut Kit #79524-2501



running shoes

IRWIN QUICK-GRIP One-Handed Mini Bar Clamp Set, 6", 4 Pack, 5464

wood clamps

burger press


product photo

baby socks

product photo


Changing Pad Cover Teal Bouquets. Change Pad. Changing Pad. Minky Changing Pad Cover. Floral Changing Pad Cover. Changing Pad Girl.

changing pad cover

Set of 7 sweet simple baby headbands // strechy soft hairband // multicolor baby gift set solid colors


dolly (this should be coming in the mail this week!)


rattle (this also should be in the mail this week!)

bailey’s closet


shirt – the depot outlet | onesie – carters | jeans – carters | headband – the chipped cup


sweatshirt & onesie – gift from kiane | pants – carters | headband – noble baby mama


headband – the chipped cup | sweatshirt – carters | gray pants – old navy | elephant


hat – gift | sleeper – baby gap | lamb – gift


headband – the chipped cup | onesie – carters | slippers – carters


headband – the chipped cup | shirt – carters | pants – carters | shoes – amazon


hat – gift | shirt – thrift store | pants – baby gap


headband – the chipped cup | onesie | pants – borrowed from finley


headband – seedling | outfit – thrift store – baby gap | giraffe

a week of instagrams


this was the moment we got home from the hospital. melts my heart.


it’s the little details i want to remember forever


those little fingers!


first time to decorah to visit marcus’ family! the boys just loved her!


the fall market at the white barns was awesome. of course linley’s matted ink booth was adorable!


my. favorite. picture. ever.


a gift of flowers after bailey was born sure brightened up our house 🙂


every little girl needs a pair of slippers


they will never be this little again


some awesome new headbands from studio twenty six


pumpkin oatmeal is on the shelves people!!


updating my planters with some fall mums


myself, bailey (sept 3), my cousins wife kate, and maeve (sept 15)


now is the best time to start becoming the person we want to be #mommy


adorable homemade onesie from my friend alyssa


tiny tiny fingers!


bailey’s weekly updates


i CANNOT get enough of these snuggles


these adorable trees were table centerpieces at a friends wedding


homemade guacamole with lime tortilla chips!

newborn baby essentials


wipe warmer – i bought this a few weeks after bailey was born and i haven’t regretted it yet! she doesn’t scream anymore when her diaper get’s changed, it’s a life saver!

diapers – we have had the best luck with these so far!

wipes (love these also) – we got a few different brands at our baby shower and these two have been our favorite, they are nice and thick!

hand & face wipes – i’m so glad we got these as a gift because they are the best thing! they smell so good too!

diaper bag with changing mat – lyndsay gave us this diaper bag and it came with a changing mat that we use constantly! right now we change bailey in our living room so having the mat is a must.

basket – we have this sitting in our living room with all the diaper changing essentials in it…diapers, wipes, burp cloths, lotion, face and hand wipes, etc.


baby movement monitor – we got this monitor a few weeks after bailey was born. it really does put your mind to rest at night knowing that she is breathing and sleeping soundly.

sleep sack – these are the best ever! i love theminky material of this one. bailey loves being swaddled and this sleep sack is perfect for that.

moses basket and base – this moses basket sits perfectly right next to out bed. not to mention it is so stinking cute.

rock-a-roo – it is perfect to set bailey in while doing things around the house. she sometimes takes an afternoon nap in it as well. bonus: it also plays music!

swaddles – having a handful of soft swaddles around is a must! not only can they swaddle your babe but they can be used for so much more…burp cloth, breast feeding cover, car seat cover, etc.


drying rack – this is a must. it also comes in green (which i have one of also – bought one at a second hand store in mint condition)  but the white fits better in my kitchen 🙂 it dries bottles and pumping accessories so well! allows lots of air flow.

drying rack accessory – not only is this tree adorable it helps dry bottle lids, nipples and other items. it also comes in white (which i found at a second hand store for little to nothing, so now i have two!)

bottle brush – this was an after thought. it doesn’t fit in the smaller bottles that i use with my breast pump, but it fits perfectly in my avent bottles.

bottles – i didn’t really do much research on bottles but i received these at my baby shower and they have worked great.

breast pump – we got this pump through the hospital and have no complaints about it!

bottle warmer – this was also an after thought. after warming the bottles in a mug of hot water in the sink for many minutes i thought there had to be a faster way. this has worked great for us! in about 3-4 minutes her bottle is ready to go. the only down fall is you have to keep a close eye on it or it will over heat the milk.

breastfeeding salve – such a life saver. you will need some of this for breast feeding and pumping!

milk storage bags – these have worked well for storing extra breast milk. you write the date, time, and oz on the bag to make sure you use the oldest milk first.

burp cloth (pretty ones) – these are the BEST!! they absorb spit up so so so well. some of my friends have made me some of the pretty ones and we love them!!


hangers – these have worked great! i love having all of her hangers match as well (ocd mom) they are super thin and don’t let clothes slip off of them.

laundry soap – the best smelling stuff on the planet. works great to get stains out as well and has no harsh chemicals for bailey’s skin!

dishpan – we bought this after a few weeks, it works so well to soak her dirty clothes in. fits perfect in the sink and love the little drain on it.

bath tub – this was a hand me down from my brother and we (and bailey) love it! it has two different spots for her to sit…one is more laid back and the other is more upright.

baby soap – awesome for night time baths. smells ah-mazing and is great for babies skin!

baby lotion – same as the baby soap…the smell!! we put this on bailey before bed every night to help calm her down.

baby oil – this kit was a gift and we love it! the baby oil is awesome. it really helped bailey’s scalp when it was peeling.

towels – i can’t even count how many baby towels we got! they are the perfect little size for babies. and super soft!


nail clipper – nick has been so great at clipping her nails! the little tiny clipper is great for her little tiny hands. also the large handle is good for dad so it doesn’t slip out of his hands!

nose frida – i have to admit this is not the cleanest thing, but once again nick handles it like a champ! i’m not a fan of even watching him use it on her! but the job gets done… booger free!

 memory book – this is the cutest book ever! i’m glad we have a book to document all of her firsts!

 car seat & stroller – we love our car seat!! and the fact that is comes with the stroller is a plus. right now the car seat fits in the stroller. when she gets bigger she can sit right in the stroller. it’s great that is grows with her!

bailey’s closet


top (gift from jill) | headband (carters) | skirt (children’s exchange)


jacket (children’s exchange – old navy) | headband (the chipped cup) | shirt (borrowed from finley) | jeans (carters) | shoes (children’s exchange)


headband (the chipped cup) | sweatshirt (children’s exchange – old navy) | pants (borrowed from finley) | shoes (children’s exchange)


headband (seedling) | shirt (borrowed from finley) | jeans (carters)


bailey’s baptism outfit | headband (seedling) | dress (target)


bailey’s family pictures outfit | headband (etsy) | vest (h&m) | dress (target) | jeggings (borrowed from finley)


headband (carters) | dress (gift – carters) | shoes (amazon)


headband (etsy) | outfit (gift – carters) | shoes (amazon)

week no. 6


once again she didn’t get weighed or measured this week. i may have to go try to find our scale (or buy one) that is packed away in God only knows which box!

we brought here home in that outfit and it sure fits her better now! the headband is from linley…which is so perfect and adjustable so it will fit her at any age!